Mobile-Ready Resume: 4 Changes To Make Now


Send your resumeCan your resume be read on your mobile phone?  More and more recruiters and hiring managers are viewing resumes on tablets and cell phones.  Making your resume readable on a computer is old-school.  It now has to be readable on a phone’s small screen.   If you’ve been keeping your resume concise and job app ready,  you probably just need to do a little tweaking.  However, if your resume is a few years old, big changes are in order.  You’ve got to make your resume mobile-ready.

 Here are some mobile-ready resume changes:

1.  Get rid of colored backgrounds, shading, colored fonts, columns, graphs, sidebars/pullouts and any background images.

2.  Your resume and your cover letter need to be very concise and easy to read.  Blocks of text more than four lines, lack of white space and small fonts will all cause problems on mobile phones.   Go with a minimum of an 11 point sans serif typeface.

3.  Send your resume to your phone and your friends’ phones.  Can it be read easily?

4.  Make sure your resume can be read on both the Mac and PC, plus all tablets and smartphones.

Once your resume is mobile-friendly, it’s time to connect with recruiters on social media.  Remember, employers want candidates who know social/digital media.  Start proving to them that you do know it.

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