Michael Terpin – The Godfather of Crypto & Blockchain – Keynote Speaker at IRTA’s Virtual Convention


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Michael Terpin

The International Reciprocal Trade Association, (IRTA), is pleased to announce that Michael Terpin will be the keynote speaker at its virtual convention at 12:00pm EST on September 23rd, 2020. Michael is a top-tier crypto/blockchain influencer and known as the “Godfather of Crypto & Blockchain.” Michael will cover the development of crypto & blockchain, its current status, and vision for how alternative payment systems can pivot to maximize their opportunities during the Covid-19 era.

IRTA easy-to-use interactive virtual convention website at: https://irta.pathable.co/

The virtual convention is being three days in a row, September 23rd to 25th, 2020, from noon to 4:00pm EST and includes eleven sessions led by the finest speakers that IRTA has ever assembled in its forty-one-year history.

Other globally renowned speakers include:

* Giuseppe Literra, Co-Founder of Sardex & Local Pay, Sardinia, Italy * Will Ruddick, Founder of the Grassroots Economic Foundation * Dr. Lee Oi Kum, SME Visionary, Innovative Asian & Australian Business Models* Caroline Macdonald, CEO, BBXI, Australia * Tom Greco, Author & Expert in Private Exchange Networks & Community Currencies * Dariusz Brzozowiec, Co-Author of University Research Paper on Levels of Economic Security in Regions During Covid-19 in Poland.

IRTA’s state-of-the art virtual convention software will assure everyone has a terrific virtual engagement experience. All attendees will be able to communicate with speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and every attendee via chats and break-out rooms.

For more information about IRTA’s virtual convention, please contact Ron Whitney, President & CEO,  ron@irta.com, 757-393-2292, or Patty Weston, UC International Broker,  patty@irta.com, 407-951-6797.

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