Miami’s Marc Roberts on Ways To Create Newsworthy Content for Brands


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When it comes to creating newsworthy content for brands, there are five different elements. Incorporating each one into a story results in any brand being able to create newsworthy content that’s going to get media coverage, whether from local or national outlets. 

Story Impact

The first element of newsworthy pieces of content is the impact the piece is going to have on the lives of the readers, and the reasons they should care about reading it. This element should be incorporated into the piece as early as possible because in today’s fast news cycle, companies need to grab the attention of the audience in the first couple of sentences. 


Another important element in newsworthy content is how the piece matters to readers currently. Plenty of readers are already familiar with older information, which means there’s no point in including anything that’s old news in a piece. That’s why each piece of content should be timely and relevant to current events or trending topics. 


Similar to the last point, all newsworthy content is either trendy or topical – it centers around a current trend or topic. For example, once the holiday season rolls around, companies should be creating stories that center around different holidays throughout the season. 


Most people enjoy reading stories that have some sort of conflict in them, and watching how those  stories unravel. That means companies that are able to present two different or opposing arguments in a piece are able to create newsworthy content that’s well-rounded and ready for publishing. 

Human Interest

Finally, everyone loves reading stories about other people, which is why social media platforms are so popular:  they feature content and stories from other people – such as when we have been among the first to accept cryptocurrency deposits on real estate.

This is another important element that companies should keep in mind when looking to create newsworthy content that will  receive media coverage and interest from the public. There are plenty of stories from people everywhere, and it’s relatively easy for companies to find a unique human interest story that’s relevant to their target audiences, that they haven’t heard before, and that they will be happy to learn about.

About the Author: Marc Roberts is a Miami based entrepreneur.