Meet the Industry Curators Powering the Upcoming Metaverse 100


The Metaverse 100 panel of experts for the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference and Expo

The Metaverse at this very moment looks a bit like Earth’s Cambrian Explosion did 500 million years ago—a huge swell of new life, evolving into an environment that’s never existed before on this planet. In the Web3 space, countless companies, influencers, and entrepreneurs have sprung out of seemingly nowhere, using the blockchain to completely reinvent how we live and work.

As part of the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference and Expo, they have assembled a panel of Metaverse experts to select the first-ever METAVERSE 100, an exclusive list of the most exciting people and companies in the space today. The goal of the METAVERSE 100 list is to praise the boldest, most innovative members of this community. 

Before the Metaverse Spectrum unveils the final list, let’s get to know the nine folks curating this important collection of companies.

Shira Lazar – Emmy-nominated leading voice of the web3 movement Shira Lazar took the internet by storm with her web-first news brand ‘What’s Trending’. She’s spoken at conferences including SXSW, VeeCon, NFTNYC, and NFTLA and was named Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology. She’s interviewed the top entrepreneurs in blockchain on her nationally syndicated podcast, Inside Web3.

Ed Rivera is an American business executive, media and technology expert and member of The Latino Corporate Directors Association. As Operating Partner at DigitalWorks, he serves as a valuable strategic resource to management teams and portfolio companies.

Ty Braswell is a creative digital strategist and founder of Creative Digital Strategies. His career has been an eclectic journey, working with a wide variety of startups and Fortune 100 companies to generate new revenue streams that build digital businesses. His passion is bringing together creatives, tech folks and business development execs to collaborate in a cohesive environment that creates vanguard innovative products and cutting-edge campaigns.

Chana Ginelle Ewing is a cultural entrepreneur who has long been obsessed with storytelling and marketing that instigates a more equitable society. She is the founder and CEO of GEENIE, a culture-first beauty platform for undiscovered creators. Coining the phrase “culture-first beauty,” the startup has placed itself at the bleeding edge of intersectionality and Gen Z marketing in the beauty space. “Broadly speaking, I’m excited about the possibilities of the intersection of mental health and the metaverse,” Ewing says.

Chris Pfaff, CEO Tech Media LLC, a New York-area advisory firm that helps entrepreneurs and corporate innovators reach their goals, tell their stories, and elevate their brands on a global basis. He is also the Co-Chairman, Storytelling Committee of VR AR Association. “I am most excited about the use of VR and AR in live theater and performance,” Pfaff says.

Steven Haddadian is Director of Talent, Star Atlas and an entertainment and Web3 strategist who has 12-plus years working in entertainment, tech & venture capital, with a knack for driving growth through team building, strategic partnerships & innovative monetization models. Specialized in blockchain/web3, social commerce, digital content, music & gaming with a diversified background working with top tier creators, brands & platforms. Expertise in designing organizational growth strategies by leveraging community, culture & technology as well as operational experience in the venture ecosystems of US, Latin America & Asia.

Andrea Ocampo has been a TV host/producer for the NHL, NFL, WWE, Travel Channel, and Univision. She’s a professor at Barry University and the founder of HBU Media, a creative consulting agency helping athletes and brands become powerhouses in their industry. HBU Media has created an NFT consulting division helping brands maneuver the world of NFTS.

Luke Franks has 8 years+ as a TV presenter and content creator fronting shows for ITV, BBC Radio 1 & Sky alongside branded content for AMEX, Facebook, Netflix, British Airways, and Amazon. He is  now focused on the metaverse and hosts the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast sponsored by Everyrealm, where he talks to the brightest minds in this space.

Adryenn Ashley is a 2019 #1 Woman in Blockchain global influencer, an NFT community architect, an award-winning author/Filmmaker, TV Host, and a co-host of the CryptoVixens Podcast. “I love DigitalSelf as a metaverse platform,” Ashley says. “They have a ton of activations about to drop in Miami over the next month and it’s spectacular!”

The first annual Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference & Expo will take place in the metaverse itself, no special equipment required, on October 25, 2022,

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