Maximize Your Social Media Job Search: Four Ways to Win

As you know, social media is now a major player in job search. If you’re not front and center in social media, you’re at a serious competitive disadvantage in the job market. Want some proof? Mashable recently came out with some interesting statistics:

1.  Recruiters spend 58% of their time on social networks sourcing applicants, and 49% of their time posting  job opportunities.

2.  Employers are using social media to find candidates (94%) of the time, target a specific job level (54%), increase the company’s brand (60%) and target a specific set of skills (52%).

3.  According to this survey, areas that stand out:  Your job title and your profile picture.

So how can you stand out in the social media crowd? To get an additional boost, try and offers one stop to list all your information. allows you to use your connections to find job opportunities at companies within your social network.

What works and what doesn’t, no one knows. But it’s a little like the lottery: You gotta be in it to win.