Masterful Marketing: Academy of Art University Helps Students Launch their Careers


masterful-marketing-academy-of-art-university-helps-students-launch-their-careersBy Wendy Glavin, Founder & CEO,

New York Fashion Week #NYFW is in full swing. The featured shows on Saturday night, September 10th were Alexander WangDesigner’s CollectiveBinzario and the Academy of Art University’s Spring 2017 Collections.

With all the shows happening throughout the city, there were no empty seats at the Academy of Art University’s 20th show at The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station.

(Courtesy of the Academy of Art Fashion)

(Courtesy of the Academy of Art Fashion)

As I walked down a black maze to the backstage area, my excitement built as I proceeded deeper into the dark labyrinth. After finally arriving at my destination, I was immediately immersed in the crowds of photographers, hair and make-up artists, dressers, stylists, production teams, publicists and bloggers.

Thirteen models chatted as they waited in the wings answering questions about their looks, and reviewing hand-made design boards featuring polaroids of how their look is to be worn. The backstage action went on for hours as dresses were ironed, steamed and seams adjusted.

I spoke with Jono Waks, director of show press. about the show. “As a marketing exercise it both honors the best of the best students at the University while showcasing the University to prospective students, saying look what you too can do.”

The anticipation and buzz escalated as we rushed to our front row seats. Surrounded by many empty seats, we wondered, will people show? After all, there’s the Alexander Wang show happening in an hour.

Suddenly, lights, people and crowds begin to stream in. After all, it’s a fashion show so “fashionably late” is defined as the refined art of just being late enough (5 minutes or so) to give the impression that you are a busy, popular person.

Paparazzi shoot young women with glittering stilettos, short tight sexy dresses and long thin legs and men wearing graphic t-shirts, blazers, gold chains with crosses, Rolex watches, aviator sunglasses and hip-hop sneakers with the tongues out.

(Courtesy of the Academy of Art Fashion)

(Courtesy of the Academy of Art Fashion)

The place was packed and the lights dim. The Academy of Art’s Spring 2017 Fashion Week show began as thirteen models; both men and women walked down the aisle in their ten designer collections and one acrylic eyewear collection.

Watch the Fashion Show and learn about each designer’s background, inspiration and collection.

During the show, the front rows were full of iPhones. Everyone was snapping, chatting or taking pictures to show favorite looks from the collection or a memorable moment.

The collection was a swirling motif of three-dimensional designs, shapes, detailed textiles and intricate tailoring primarily in white, tan, grey, blue and pink. Women wore platforms or boots and men wore white sneakers.

The audience was spellbound and inspired in all of twenty minutes. Similar to a wedding, months and months and hours and hours of preparation, then over in what felt like an instant.

With the typical model pout, during an enormous round of applause, designers remained serious and intent on making their final walk.

“What’s wonderful about this show is the depth of knowledge these student designers present producing a collection unfettered to the demands of retail, allowing the designer to truly showcase their talents,” said Jono Waks





About the Author: Wendy Glavin is founder and CEO of a NYC full-service agency: Her 20-year experience includes working for General Electric, Burson Marsteller and numerous advertising, public relations and marketing agencies.Wendy founded a B2C retail company and consulted for software companies, a publishing firm and clients in B2B2C. Wendy resides in New York City. 


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