Marketing Strategies that Convert


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

There are certain things that companies have to do before they can begin any type of promotional efforts. One of the key elements that help companies in establishing the basics before pursuing promotional efforts is to figure out the “why” behind their business. This means figuring out what story is behind the business. This will  make all of the promotional efforts much smoother in the future. For example, if it’s a tech company, the why behind it can be why it’s trying to solve a specific problem that consumers might have. Or the why can be what makes that company stand out among all the other tech companies that provide consumers with similar products. 

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

As marketer Rick De La Croix has said, “Since social media can give companies plenty of benefits and opportunities to attract or engage with their target audience in ways that weren’t available a few years ago, it’s important to utilize and leverage them. Social media platforms should be used as a mutually reinforcing element for all other promotional efforts from a company.  

That means every company should have a presence on relevant social media, and engage with consumers consistently through discussions or content. Since most of the content that major media outlets pick up is organic , companies can offer consumers interesting ways to stay plugged into what it is  doing, and amplify the reach of their promotional efforts. 

Valuable and Consistent Content

Every piece of content that a company creates can be distributed through the company’s website, blog, and social media platforms. Additionally, every piece of content can enhance the story of a brand itself. Through content, companies can improve their credibility and provide a consistent and unified presence across multiple platforms. Companies can create blogs, social content, infographics, videos, e-books, and more. 

As long as all content is distributed consistently and is engaging for the audience, it has the potential to get the attention of journalists and media outlets. Valuable content can easily be featured on relevant publications because it provides insights and information to industry outlets that are constantly on the lookout for it. 

Sharing Expertise

Aside from a company’s own placements as well as paid ads, another great way for companies to promote themselves and build credibility at the same time is to contribute valuable content or information on industry topics to other companies or media outlets. These contributions can be in the form of guest posts, opinion pieces on other blogs, or partnered podcasts or webinars with other industry individuals. 

When a company is able to share its expertise on these types of third-party outlets, it can build connections with other companies or thought leaders in the industry, engage the target audience in different and potentially exciting ways, and receive third-party validation.

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.