Loss of Innovation, Not Automation, is Hurting US Manufacturing


Webinar Overview

Since 2008, the total number of patents filed by US-based companies has fallen below 50% of all patents filed in the country. 75% of manufacturers report a severe to moderate shortage of workers and 93% of manufacturers are predicting future talent shortages due to retiring Baby Boomers. Healthcare costs, tariffs, unions, government policies, supply chain challenges all continue to put pressure on manufacturers.

What are we doing to address the issues and challenges in manufacturing? Thought leaders, influencers, leaders, disrupters and innovators are joining the C-Suite Manufacturing Council to find solutions to the problems. The council encourages discussion and collaboration across the industry. 


  • Alan Davis, CEO of i5 Services &  Founder of the C-Suite Network Manufacturing Council
  • Angela L. Tymofichuk the VP for Science, Technology, and Research UAMMI Military Liason, Logistic Specialties, Inc. (LSI)
  • Chris Kiminas the President for EWI Ohio
  • Michael Molnar the Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Officer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology