Looking For A Job When You Don’t Need One – The Passive Search




Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Looking for a job when you don’t need one is extremely important. You want to be prepared if that ‘perfect’ job that you’ve always wanted turns up or, due to unforeseen events, your current job ends. While you don’t want to be overtly looking, here are some ways to be seen as a great candidate:

  1. Keep your resume up-to-date. You may not be sharing your resume but keeping it current is important. If you need it, you won’t have to delay sending it to someone and you won’t forget anything that you have done.
  2. Online profiles should be kept current also. This is where hiring managers and recruiters will find you.
  3. Networking is very important for your career. Building personal/business relationships can help in every step of your career.
  4. Stay active. Share and write content when possible. Posting on online sites will help demonstrate your knowledge of the field. You want to show that you are an expert in your field.

You never know, so be ready.