Looking at How Heifer International’s Digital Workplace Keeps Employees Engaged, Connected and Inspired



Robby Brumberg

Ending poverty and hunger around the world might seem like an impossible task.

But it starts with uniting like-minded heroes around the world through seamless, strategic communication.

Chelsey Louzeiro, internal communications officer and digital workplace manager for Heifer International, recently shared how her organization is overcoming substantial logistical hurdles to engage its 800 employees in 21 different countries in a session for Ragan Training.

Here are some of her key takeaways for building a digital workplace that establishes a thriving environment where employees feel connected and valued.

‘Corralling’ a global workforce

Geography presents significant communication challenges—not least of which is creating a genuine sense of belonging and teamwork when your workforce is widely dispersed, with employees steeped in different cultures. How can you create a culture that truly engages far-flung employees?

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