Look for These 10 New Facebook Features


With the celebration of a new year comes change, especially in regards to the social media world. In 2016, Facebook is looking to borrow aspects from other services and integrate them into its central hub. Doing so will not only change up the way you can communicate on the platform, but also how dependent you become on its utility.

To keep you aware of what’s coming to the social media giant, here’s a glimpse at a few of its new features.

1. Facebook Live Video

Last year, live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat were one of the most talked about in the social world. However, usage of these two apps remains fairly low, giving Facebook an opportunity to snatch up the opportunity to become the new go-to app.

This feature was originally rolled out to public figures in August 2015 and most recently introduced to verified business Pages. Facebook Live Video is located under the normal “Update Status” prompt in the Facebook app. PR professionals will want to pay attention to where this goes considering Facebook is home to the highest video engagement rate across all social platforms.

2. Facebook Professional Services

Have you noticed Facebook often asks you to review places you’ve checked in at or tagged a location for? There’s a reason. Facebook also wants to be a go-to recommendation engine.

Facebook Professional Services did a recent soft-launch and the resulting product looks more like Google reviews than Yelp. However, Yelp’s stock price decreased after Facebook announced the feature.

3. Facebook at Work

Currently in beta mode, this enterprise social solution has a functionality that most are familiar with: internal communication in a closed ecosystem.

PR firm Weber Shandwick is one of the beta testers of this product, and noted the product’s ease-of-use and scaled collaboration in their initial impression.

Stockholders are envisioning a higher profitability with this product, so expect a lot of eyes and ears on Facebook at Work moving forward.

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