Liquidus Digital Corporate Services Platform Pilot Launched

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Liquidus announced its pilot participants with Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited and Genesis Fund Services to launch a pilot program of their Digital Corporate Services Platform in The Bahamas. A solution-based blockchain protocol, Liquidus creates a secure Federated Digital Identity connection for multiple stakeholders to share data and confidential information throughout the corporate lifecycle from business registration through to management, compliance, and auditing.

“We are thrilled to join other local stakeholders on this pilot program. We expect to save considerable time and operating costs and improve efficiencies and overall client services by utilizing blockchain technology to manage the business onboarding process,” said Antoine W. Bastian – Managing Director of Genesis Fund Services.

Liquidus eliminates archaic, bureaucratic processes and uses blockchain technology to increase efficiencies and lower the costs of company registration, reporting and the management of investment funds. This pilot program will equip participants with innovative technology that makes their jobs easier and attracts new digital asset clients.

Through this pilot, participants will transform the business registration, investment fund management and onboarding process from a time-consuming and frustrating process to a quick and convenient task. With Liquidus, business owners will be able to set-up their International Business Companies (IBC) and manage their digital assets in hours, not months.

The pilot program will see Liquidus work closely with two corporate service providers in The Bahamas to connect all stakeholders in a secure, transparent, and innovative digital platform.

Source: Blockchain Wire