Linkedin: 4 New Features For Your Career Search

Linkedin: 4 New Features For Your Career SearchMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

A recent article in Forbes discussed several new LinkedIn changes that can help in your job search.  This site can be very important and helpful to you whether you are currently looking or may be in the future and while some of the new changes are just tweaks, they can make a big difference.

  1. You can now see the connections of your connections.  While still being rolled out, the “connections of” filter will let you view your connections’ connections.  This will make it easier for you to build your network of relevant contacts.  To use this filter, go to your LinkedIn home page and click “see connections” and then, choose the “connections of” filter.  Type in the name of the person within your network whose connections you want to see.  If you see someone you would like to connect with, ask for an introduction.
  2. Too many notifications?  Now you can customize your notifications.  Use the customized notifications tab located on the top of your home page.  You can mute or turn off specific notifications and you can also unfollow connections.
  3. You can get quick information on a user by hovering over the person’s name in your LinkedIn feed.  That feed is located on your home page where you see updates and recommended content.  When you hover over the name there, you will see that person’s complete headline and the number of connections you share.  Now you have another reason to rewrite your headline.
  4. To attract viewers, add multiple photos.  You can now add up to nine images per post with the new multi-photo feature.

This article also mentions a new feature that is being tested — a free mentoring service that matches LinkedIn members with professionals who can give them useful career advice.  It is currently being tested in San Francisco and Australia.