LinkedIn and The Power of The Crowd: What I Learned About Peer Consulting

LinkedIn and The Power of The CrowdChuck Hester, Managing Partner, Chuck Hester Enterprises

I have been training executives on how to use LinkedIn for business through speeches, workshops and one-to-one sessions for close to 7 years now. But until recently, when I started to do “peer consulting” workshops, did I discover the Power of The Crowd.

First, some background. As a LinkedIn Executive Trainer and Keynote speaker, I help businesspeople learn how to use the platform for business development, brand equity, and the development of subject matter expertise.

Because of a suggestion from one of my colleagues, I started to offer group workshops on LinkedIn for Business, but with a twist – a very powerful one at that.

During the workshops – which are 90 minutes long, I start by reviewing LinkedIn features and best practices. But, here’s where things began to change, and the “aha” moment occurred. I decided to invite the workshop participants to critique each others’ LinkedIn profiles, one at a time. The result – The Power of the Crowd!

I’d love to take credit for this brilliant format, but in reality, it was the executives in the workshop that brought it to life. Definite interaction, amazingly powerful suggestions, and the ability for participants to start building a peer group they can rely on for help.

Here’s one participant’s reaction to what he got out of the workshop:

“Awesome advice, and great open feedback from the group.” Open feedback, from the group. Peer consulting at its best.

As a businessperson for the last 30 years, I’ve often found my best learning comes from working in a group with others. This is especially true when we are “rowing in the same direction” and trying to achieve a similar goal.

The results? These seminars will be happening at least once a month in Raleigh moving forward. So, this “seasoned” executive LinkedIn trainer found a new way to teach LinkedIn for Business. And, it’s all thanks to The Power of The Crowd!


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