Liar, Liar: 10 Reasons Not to Lie On Your Resume



10 Reasons Not to Lie On Your Resume


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Lies on resumes. You’ve seem them, you’ve heard about it being done and, maybe, you’ve done it.  One thing is for sure:  You will get caught.    Stretching the truth is a lie and it can come back to haunt you. So why do it?

First, you could get into serious trouble: Rescinding of the job offer, being fired or facing criminal charges. Lying about military service or being untruthful when seeking federal or state employment can be a crime.  You also seriously damage your reputation and jeopardize future employment opportunities.

According to a survey from TopResume, 97% of professionals said that discovering a lie on a resume would cause them to reconsider/dismiss a job candidate.  57% said they know someone who has embellished their resumes.  89% agreed that lying about academic degrees was a serous offense as was being untruthful about a criminal record (88%).

Remember, it’s easy for an employer to discover the truth.

  1.  Your degree can easily be confirmed by the school.
  2.  Most employers are using writing, language and other tests of skills.
  3.  Your dates don’t look right.  Listing your job history by just the year to cover up gaps is a big no-no.
  4.  Resume/cover letter differences.  You can have your resume written by the best but, if your cover letter is not equally as good, an employer will question your skills.
  5.  Not being able to elaborate on the items on your resume is a huge giveaway.
  6.  Unrealistic job titles.  Five year’s of experience and you are a VP is not realistic. Also job titles can be checked when a company does references.
  7.  When you are covering up something, your body tells the truth. When an interviewer questions something you haven’t done, your body will betray you.
  8.  References don’t always hold up.  You can ask a reference to embellish for you but a skilled interviewer will get the truth.
  9.  Your online presence can be very telling and Google is very helpful.  Your company went out of business last month, Google may have different information.  Went to XX University for four years?  Then why are you in a WW University alumni group.
  10.  Formal background checks will uncover any lies about your work history, criminal past, education, professional certifications etc.

The truth is out there!



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