Leveraging Your Asset Base

When most enterprise operations begin moving full stride into digital marketing, they aren’t particularly sure of what they’ll say out there in cyberspace. Truth is, though, most organizations have a true treasure trove of interesting information right at their fingertips – their current asset base. Here is an idea to help.

Engage Your Subject Matter Experts

One of the most untapped asset you have is your human capital. Staff and management come and go and all you are left with, unless you take action, is a requisition to fill. By having a systematic approach that allows you to permanently harness the collective hundreds of years of knowledge and experience of your dedicated team, you gain benefit into the future that you are likely missing out on now.

Some ideas for getting started?

  1. Interview your subject matter experts
  2. Ask them to begin blogging
  3. Edit their white papers into smaller snippets (a paragraph is a blog for example)
  4. Give them a digital webcam and ask them to do videos of their team explaining how they succeed (the team will love it!)
  5. Video their speaking engagements

Be sure to add their bio with their picture to your website or blog and feature them. This recognition will be rewarded in more ways than you probably realize now. Not everyone will want to participate at first, but once the ball gets rolling, your culture will shift to a content creation culture and that is golden online.

Why would you want to do this?

Business before has often treated employees, in the worst cases, like disposable monkeys (well paid maybe but monkeys just the same), or maybe the Duncan Donuts guy (time to make the donuts…). Sadly, no matter how much you incentivized them while in your employ, when they were out the door, your connection to that person’s expertise was over.

Business 2.0 suggests that most people are motivated by autonomy,  mastery, and purpose (see Daniel Pink’s Drive). Since you have probably spent millions on building a fantastic team and infrastructure, why not add a multiplier effect to your immense investment and capture that knowledge base to benefit the firm in perpetuity, especially since it will also help build a more motivated team?

It’s yours to decide of course, but with the SEO benefits of compelling content, increased active links back to your site (people WILL want to share the great stuff you’re currently hiding under your digital bushel), and the sales cycle reduction that comes from having a strong digital reputation when someone Googles your firm, the advantages far outweigh the risks.

Now, go dig for gold!

Vicki Flaugher