Let Your Content Talk

Why It’s Good To Put Emotion In Your Marketing MessageBy Debra De-Jong, Owner, Tip Top PR

Without any doubt – content is king. To get your message across, your content needs to be focused on the target audience. To find out what your customers want, you need to map the customer journey. Once you know why, how and when your target audience makes decisions, you can develop the content that appeals to them.

This is crucial for branding, the cornerstone of your business success. Customers choose you over your competitors based on brand confidence (they know what you stand for), credibility (they trust you), and relevance (you deliver what they want and need). That’s why your content must be informative and instructive. Your customers want to “get something out of it”.

There has been a lot of discussion as to what works better: video or text. For now, text is still the winner, partly since branding video is still in its infancy as a marketing tool. Text can be easily tweaked to address each (potential) customer individually. For now, slicing and dicing data to personalize a (product) video for each potential customer is still a marketer’s dream. That said, if you want to entertain your target audience for your general branding, a funny video is a good option.

Last but not least – make it personal and unique. A personal tone of voice makes all the difference, and your unique message makes you stand out in the crowd. But makes sure that you are not overselling; your brand should not be too prominent and your sales pitch not too aggressive. A soft sale is a far better option, with an appealing call to action

About the Author: Debra De-Jong is an international marketing and PR professional with 10+ years of experience in marketing, PR, IR and business development in Europe, the USA and Israel. Reach her on Linkedin.