Lessons Learned from Sean Spicer


With news  of Sean Spicer’s resignation, Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media and Founder of The SPOKEies Awards, gives his take on the communications lessons that can be learned from Spicer’s short tenure as Press Secretary.


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  1. Ronald N. Levy on at 1:54 PM

    Sean Spicer was a victim of the “fairness fallacy,” the PR blunder of thinking that people care anywhere near as much about fairness as about “what’s in this for me?” Spicer in his final weeks kept asking increasingly for “fairness” to the president but challenging questions from journalists in briefings were on how policies would affect the PUBLIC. Weeks before the election when Trump was promising more jobs, more street safety from immigrant attacks and more tax relief, Mrs. Clinton was ahead in popularity but spending her time at the microphone arguing for more “fairness” to minorities, the poor, immigrants and LGBT people, worthy all. Now a PR lesson–from Spicer losing his job and Mrs. Clinton losing the election–is that an appeal for fairness may be “trumped” by the appeal of benefits for the public–answers to the public’s justified question, a question predictable by skilled PR executives: “what’s in this for me?”