Learning from Black PR History: The Imperative of Belonging (VIDEO)


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Join us for the upcoming 7th annual Celebrating Black PR History event, “The Imperative of Belonging,” January 27, 2022, 6pm ET. Brought to you by the Museum of Public Relations and the Diversity Action Alliance.

The need for “belonging” has never been as critical as it is today, especially among diverse PR professionals for whom “fitting in” is one of their top workplace concerns. And given the pandemic—on top of the Great Resignation—retaining great talent is now doubly difficult, rendering the inclusion part of the DEI formula insufficient. Fostering a sense of belonging, especially when we are physically apart, can result in lower risk for turnover and greater performance. This program will explore how best to do that in the Age of Zoom.


  • Sabrina Browne, Vice President, Corporate, BCW Global

Fireside Chat

  • The Role of the Communicator Today,” Victor Blackwell, Anchor, CNN


  • Carmella Glover, President, Diversity Action Alliance

Wrap Up

  • Nyree Wright, Senior Vice President, Public Relations, TV One Networks

Q&A Moderator

  • Kerrie Roberts, Senior Content Producer, Stackin’

Panel I: DEI, Belonging, and the Black Professional

  • Brandi Boatner, Manager, Digital & Advocacy Communications, IBM
  • Nikki Forman, Senior PR Manager, US Operations, Amazon
  • Dawn Kelly, Co-Owner, The Nourish Spot; Partner, Metropolis Group
  • Jordan Williams, Talent Solutions Strategist, LinkedIn

Panel II: DEI, Next-Gen Black Talent on Belonging

  • Tiffany Knighten, Founder & CEO, Brand Curators
  • Emmanuel Reid, Assistant Account Executive, Ogilvy
  • Monique Soriano, Strategic Communication, BCW Global

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