Leadership Lessons from Ginger Rogers and Ballroom (Video & Presentation)

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 Patrice Tanaka, Chief Counselor & Creative Strategist, PadillaCRT


Session Overview

Our Hangout was held just in time for the season 16 premiere of ABC-TV’s top-rated, prime time show, “Dancing with the Stars.” Learn how ballroom dancing helped Patrice Tanaka, Chief Counselor & Creative Strategist, PadillaCRT,  and author of “Becoming Ginger Rogers,” become a happier woman, a better partner and a smarter CEO. 


Key Takeaways  BGR cover art from website (1)

  • Learn about the power of being fully present – mind, body and spirit – at work.
  • How connecting with others and being attuned to them/their needs can create powerful – oftentimes wordless – communication and a stronger way to partner.
  • Understand how performing full-out and fearlessly and getting others to do the same is critical to success.
  • And how over-rated and inhibiting “perfectionism” is to growth and innovation.
  • Learn how to practice failing in order to succeed more quickly.
  • Hear about the power of visualizing your goals as a way to manifest them.
 "Dancing is about connecting with the divine within and beyond yourself." - Becoming Ginger Rogers

“Dancing is about connecting with the divine within and beyond yourself.” – Becoming Ginger Rogers                            (Click here to watch video)



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  1. Andy Maroglio on March 20, 2013 at 12:05 am


    Thank you for sharing your professional and spiritual wisdom with such simplicity.

    You are not only a truly gifted person, but a gift to those who know you.


  2. K. T. Maclay on March 20, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Oh, Patrice, it’s always so good to see you and hear you and to know that you ARE living the dream. We’ve known each other forever, or at least long enough to appreciate the road travelled and the amazing gifts of joy and ballroom dance.

    The book is wonderful. The hangout was great fun. And you continue to be an inspiration and a great friend.

    K. T.