Lead Exchanges and Dating Services


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Any single person looking for a mate or simply seeking a date need only check out the numerous online dating sites. Not only have they proliferated, but they’ve even narrowed it down so folks can target their desires to date over forty, dating over fifty, Christian dating, etc. Instant matches abound!

Lead exchanges work much the same way by instantly matching buyers and sellers. This is due to lead exchange platforms’ ability to categorize leads based on a variety of factors like intent, quantity, etc. With leads gathered from sources like email lists, websites, and other social media sources, a buyer’s search for leads can be similarly tailored quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Lead exchanges’ value has risen with the increased shift in advertising budgets from traditional placements to digital media. All indications point to even more digital media focus and spending in the foreseeable future.

For both advertisers and consumers, it’s a win-win situation. Brands are able to recognize and connect instantly with consumers anxious and ready to make a purchase. In addition, lead exchanges can help deliver the ideal customer at the most favorable time by helping marketers leverage their ad-spending. Real-time reporting is instrumental in this.

For consumers, lead exchanges arm them with data that can often deliver more than one satisfactory solution to a challenge or issue, particularly if there’s a high degree of risk associated with uncertainty. These high-tech platforms support publishers, which also encourage consumers to ask about different services and products. And for consumers who comparison shop, lead exchanges can also match them up in real-time with products they’re seeking.

Brands that understand lead platforms and can identify and successfully connect with customers who are ready to buy can expect to see significant gains. One of the keys is automated filters that can target audiences for each product or brand. Each audience and campaign can have its own cost structure, and brands can control how much they wish to spend on each connection.

To maximize their lead platform investment, marketers need to identify which campaigns and publishers are working best. Because it’s all real-time, the good news is that marketers can quickly pivot and adjust, when necessary, in both their advertising messages as well as seeing which publishers deliver the best ROI. Other major things to track for optimization are early indicators like rates of contact, conversion and retention targets, and lifetime value tracking.

Lead exchange platforms furnish quick access to publishers who will connect consumers who have indicated that they are ready and eager to buy with brands that have what they’re seeking. The good news is that the technology is evolving and will only get better as things continue to scale.

Matching up buyers and sellers has been an age-old challenge for marketers but one that may soon no longer be an issue. Properly managed and maintained, it can be a win for everyone, or, like the dating services, a marriage made in heaven!

Ronn Torossian - Pot for PetsAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.