Know When to Consider Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Regina Thomas, Freelancer

Building a successful online brand hasn’t always been as easy as today. Thankfully, the advent of new technologies has changed how websites grow. So, now, anyone can launch a successful site if they’re willing to put in the effort. Here are a few ways to know if it’s time to outsource your digital marketing efforts.

Consider How Much You’ve Spent on In-House Talent

For the most part, labor will always be the most significant cost affecting a company. To lower operating expenses, outsource the work you’re paying others to do in-house. That way, you’ll still get everything done you’ve been paying them to do. But, you won’t be spending as much to achieve the desired results.

Look at what you’ve spent over several months and add it all together in a spreadsheet. Then, request a quote from an advertising agency in Las Vegas or an agency in your area. Once they’ve sent you an estimate, you can compare it to what you’ve been spending. As long as it’s less than the usual monthly burn, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by going with them.

Look at Your Page’s Backlink Collection

First of all, you must look at how your pages have been built. Most of the time, they’re full of irrelevant backlinks, lowering their ranking. Of course, Google has changed its metrics since it released its algorithm. So, you may have been doing fine until the changes were implemented.

If you’ve had tons of pages built for the site, updating each one would be time-consuming. So, you’ll never have the time to do it all by yourself, meaning outsourced labor is crucial. That’s the only way to ensure all the backlinks are up to date, and you need that boost.

Does Your Content Have Quality Backlinks?

Perhaps, your page hasn’t been full of low-quality links, even if it’s older. Google releases a list of ranking guidelines so that everyone is playing on an even field. For example, when a page has auto-generated content, it won’t perform well.

So, hiring an outside contractor to update all your links could be helpful. Since they update them according to Google’s latest metrics, performance improves significantly. That would, in turn, lead to greater customer acquisition rates, and you’d make more overall.

What Does Your Website’s Analytics Say?

Besides Google’s rankings, you can check out their analytics, too. However, if you’ve never worked on one before, it’s hard to understand what everything means. For example, you may notice long-tail keywords aren’t performing as well as expected.

But, you won’t know what to do unless you’ve spent time researching page performance. You could capitalize on their knowledge without researching much yourself by hiring contractors. They’d take care of the page’s performance and use analytics to make it happen.

How Long Have You Been Online as a Business?

The longer your company has been online, the more pages it will have hosted. As a result, it would take longer to update each of them if you noticed a performance drop. Then, you’ll need to spend more time updating them unless you are satisfied.

Outside contractors know how to improve your page, and they have the time to do it. So, you could hire them, and they would handle the rest. Once they’ve finished updating your pages, they’ll be performing much better, too.

How Fast Has Your Website Been Growing Recently?

Finally, growth has always been a key metric, and you must pay attention to it. Otherwise, you could spend years on a website without much to show for it. So, if you’re committed to making it a success, invest in its growth.

Hiring contractors to improve performance would pay off in the long run. Plus, it may not be as expensive as you thought it would be if you’ve never looked into it. Not to mention, anything invested pays off in the form of more customers.


Building a modern webpage takes time, and not everyone has enough to do it. That’s why marketing companies have seen such strong growth lately. If you’re working on a business page, ask a professional for some help. They’ll know how to make it grow faster, and they can make changes in the blink of an eye.