KayAnn Schoeneman Becomes President of Curley Company, Will Partner with Founder to Lead Agency


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Curley Company, an award-winning, women-owned and led strategic  communications firm, today announced an exciting leadership decision that will continue to support accelerated  growth for the agency. Jennifer Curley will maintain her position as founder & CEO and KayAnn Schoeneman will  take on the role of president, positioning the firm for continued growth, investment in the team, excellence in  strategy and service and a commitment to Jennifer and KayAnn’s shared values and vision for the future.  

As CEO, Jennifer will continue to guide the agency’s strategic vision, including plans for investments and long-term  growth in public affairs, earned, digital and creative services and corporate communications. As president, KayAnn  will spearhead the implementation of that strategic vision, delivering on performance metrics including continued  growth and business development, intentionally excellent client service and recruiting and retaining top talent. 

“Over the past two years, KayAnn and I have established we are a terrific leadership team. We are investing in our  partnership and what is working for the agency, our team and clients,” said Jennifer Curley, founder and CEO,  Curley Company. “Our shared vision for the future is accelerated growth, further investment in our earned, digital  and creative services and our ability to deliver full-service, award-winning public affairs strategy while prioritizing  client service, team culture and a nimble worldview.” 

This announcement follows several years of explosive growth for the agency, including a record year in 2021 with  increases in organic client growth (79%), digital advocacy growth (300%) and double-digit growth for Curley’s trade  association practice, making up approximately 40% of the firm’s client portfolio. Since 2020, Curley’s client roster  has tripled, total revenue has more than doubled and headcount has doubled. 

“Jennifer is an entrepreneur who has built an exceptional business and her partnership is invaluable to me and the  future of this agency,” said KayAnn Schoeneman, president of Curley Company. “Her visionary thinking – between  defining our business, ensuring the agency’s sustainability and shaping our values – coupled with my proven  experience driving results, is a winning combination for our team and clients. Curley is a place where the best and  brightest talent in the industry want to work and where a diverse base of clients come to partner, grow and stay  with the agency. I am inspired every day to implement Jennifer’s vision and ensure we’re successful in all aspects  of the business.”  

As Curley celebrates its 20th Anniversary and looks to the future, Jennifer and KayAnn will embrace being a  women-owned and led agency and ensure it is a point of distinction, prioritize inclusion and belonging and invest  in culture to retain the agency’s award-winning team and attract the next generation of talent – all with a focus on  having a tangible positive impact on clients’ business goals and leading in the PR industry and the Washington, D.C.