K2OHSolutions, LLC Professional Development Series


Professional Development Series: August 12th, 18th & 20th


Connect and Learn with the K2OHSolutions, LLC team in a three-part live webinar professional development series.  These interactive sessions are designed for any business leaders, managers, key decision-makers, nonprofit leaders, start-up founders, entrepreneurs, and those interested in future-proofing their business/organization, building and sustaining strong, cohesive teams during uncertainty and beyond, AND creating innovative networks.  

In Sustaining Scenarios: Creating a Path from Crisis to Recovery, Dr. Kathy Hagler, Ph.D., will guide you in creating sustainable scenarios for businesses. The session is intended to help you bridge the gap from pre-pandemic through a transformation to the new normal for your organization. Participants will review a path to success as the basis for modeling the process and begin practicing the techniques and principles.  August 12th 11 AM-1PM MDT

K2OHSolutions, LLC president, Kathy Opp, leads the Team Dynamics: A Structure for Success session.  High performing teams are essential to any organization. And, as we all know great teams do not just happen. It takes leadership, setting high standards, giving trust and respect, and proactive engagement with customers to achieve outstanding results. In this session, participants will learn the building blocks for developing high performing teams, including a simple exercise for improving interpersonal relationships and performance.  August 18th 11 AM-12:30 PM MDT

Our final session, Team Dynamics: Communication and Well-Being, consultant, Deanna Brown will guide you through the steps to lead those around you to become their best selves while developing upgraded thought processes, communicating at new levels, and utilizing skills in optimal ways.  A business only thrives when the people under its roof operate with a clear vision, flexibility, strong EQ, compassion, and kindness. Our world has shifted in permanent ways and the need to approach and support your people with a fresh mindset is critical. The future of the evolved team member is here and now.  August 20th 11 AM-12:30 PM MDT

A free 30-minute post-session consultation is offered to all participants in conjunction with each individual session to further discuss 1:1 the challenges and needs of their organizations.

Limited Time Offer: Participants can register for all three sessions for $149.  Individual sessions are $74 each.

Register for Professional Development Series: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/k2ohsolutions-llc-professional-development-series-tickets-108772966872

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