Joining the World of Public Relations



Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR

There are plenty of career opportunities  in the public relations industry, as well as certain things that people can do to excel at landing a position. Ideally, they should try to land an entry-level position in an agency and attend networking events to get the best results. 

Choosing a Career Option

It’s up to the individual whether to work with a number of different companies or  focus on a single one. This  can be the deciding factor when choosing a career path.  

For example, people  interested in getting a high-level perspective in different industries working with different brands, should work at a PR agency. On the other hand, people who are passionate about learning the ins and outs of  a single industry, would work best at an in-house PR team. 


At a fundamental level, public relations is all about telling stories. This makes being able to define and promote different brand stories essential when working in the industry.  To effectively tell stories, PR professionals need strong communications skills, as well as  great understanding of both marketing trends and media. 

These skills can be gained and improved through courses and classes, as well as hands-on experiences when working with PR agencies. They’re also essential in developing knowledge of the media industry while also learning how to engage with the different target audiences on behalf of a brand. 


A great way for people looking to improve their public relation skills is to do a PR internship. These internships are a great way to get a lot of essential information and hands-on experience that only comes when someone starts working with a brand or in an industry. 

There are plenty of different internships at PR agencies that range from writing press releases, developing brand strategies, managing social channels, to  helping account executives manage their clients’ accounts. 


One of the key ways that people can get into the public relations industry is through networking. Knowing how to network effectively is both helpful to enter the industry and  build relationships with different brands, journalists, reporters, and audiences. It’s also an essential skill that PR professionals must have to deliver positive results. 

Whether it’s by attending industry events, connecting with professionals on social media or keeping up with professionals by engaging with their content online, there are plenty of possibilities and options. 


Finally, another essential skill and tool for PR professionals is their ability to communicate.  Public  relations is all about communication. Whether it’s communicating with the brand, the audience, other professionals in the industry, or different departments within a brand such as advertising, human resources, or marketing, communicating is crucial. 

PR professionals need strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as public speaking, time-management, problem-solving, organizational, and listening skills, among others.