Job Sourcing Emails: 5 Steps To Get Them Read


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Job sourcing emails are a great way to uncover jobs never posted online.  It takes work to find opportunities this way but it could be well-worth the effort.  If your email is concise and professional, you might get the attention of the right person.  It’s all about crafting the right message and making sure it gets to the right person.  PayScale offers these tips:

  1.  Do your research.  Look for companies that have recently gone public or made growth announcements.  Look for individuals who have recently published a book or an article.  Putting this type of information in your email shows your interest in the company or the person.
  2. Craft your elevator pitch.  Cold emails have to be very brief to increase the chance they will be read but they have to really sell you.  You want to say how much you want to work with them and what you could do to help them.  Emphasize the experience and passion you’d bring and that you would love to sit down and meet with them.  Direct their attention to your attached resume and cover letter.  Make sure these are customized to fit the company you are targeting.
  3. Find the right person.  Don’t send your email to everyone.  Take the time to find the right person.  Research the organization on their website and LinkedIn.
  4. Proofread everything.  Check everything for any spelling or grammatical errors.  Mistakes won’t land you a job.
  5. Follow up.  This can be tricky as you can’t expect a response right away.  But, if a full work week has passed, don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email.  It should be short and to the point. Remind them that you are still very interested in exploring any opportunities.  If you still don’t hear back, move on.

Are cold emails worth it?  You never know so why not take a chance.

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