Job Seeker: 4 Mistakes You Can’t Make

JobsQuestionsAs a job seeker, you want to maximize all the opportunities you have to get the word out, to get that interview and to follow-up.  However, there are some general rules you must be careful that you don’t break.  You want to be seen as a credible professional looking for a new job, not as an annoying, aggravating pest. When looking, remember:

1.  It’s just not about you.  Networking works both ways.  You may not be able to help someone right now but you should have a track record with your contacts.  Asking a favor from people you don’t know will put you in the pest column.

2.  You can’t stalk people.  Continuous calling and emailing won’t get you an answer quicker.  In fact, it may permanently delay it.

3.  Don’t answer every ad you see.  Answer ads that fit your profile or mass email your resume.  Today, you should be customizing your resume before you send it to anyone.

4.  Know what you are selling.  You can’t be everything to everyone.  When you interview, be prepared with real examples of your accomplishments.  If you don’t have experience in an area, that’s fine.  When hiring, there are always trade-offs.  All the exaggerating, clichés and buzzwords won’t get you the job.

The professional always gets the job!