Job Offer Rescinded? What To Do.

Job Offer Rescinded Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

If your job offer was rescinded, what do you do.  While it doesn’t happen often, job offers can be rescinded or put on hold.  This is not something a company does without reason.  To properly handle this situation, you need to know what happened and what your rights are.  A company can withdraw a job offer if:

  1.  A candidate does not pass their background check.
  2.  A candidate stops communicating with the employer.
  3.  A candidate is legally barred from working with a company due to an existing non-compete.
  4.  A candidate’s actions after accepting the offer cause a company to question their professionalism.  This can include their behavior as well as trying to renegotiate the offer after accepting.
  5.  A company’s financial situation changes and the role is no longer available.

What can you do?

  1. Find out exactly why the offer was rescinded.  Usually a company will come back to you to ask for further information.  If they don’t, ask them.  It could be something that you will have to address in the job search.
  2. Remember, hiring is an ‘at will’ offer.  So your options are limited.  If your offer was a contract, then you may have the option to sue.
  3.  If the position was put on ‘hold,’ ask if there is a specific time period and, if at that time, you will receive an offer.

Sometimes things happen for the better.  The company could be in a take-over position or on the verge of a bankruptcy.  If it’s something in your background, it is better that you know what it is and take care of it before continuing your search.

Remember, do not resign from your present position until your offer letter is signed and your background search completed.  Your recruiter or the company HR representation will let you know when everything is a go.