Job Interviews: 3 Steps To Reschedule One


Interview TricksMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Rescheduling a job interview can be tricky but, at times, it’s necessary.  It should not be done unless absolutely necessary as it can move you to the back or even out of a search.

When necessary, follow these rules:

  1.  Only cancel an interview when necessary and for a good reason.  Communicate that reason to the recruiter/hiring manager.  Reasons may include a family/personal emergency, illness or a work conflict.
  2. Let the interviewer know immediately.  Even if you are not sure you are going to have to cancel, let the interviewer know there is a possibility. Respect their schedule.
  3. Offer alternatives.  Let the interviewer know when you can reschedule with some dates/times.  If you are not sure, let them know that you will connect with them on a specific date.  If you still cannot reschedule at that time, let them know.

Be professional and honest.  Since you have to reschedule, take the lead in setting up a new day/time.