Job Hopping: 3 Positive Reasons To Hop


Job Hopping-3 Positive Reasons To HopJob hopping on a resume is deadly.  Recruiters and hiring managers look at job hopping as a huge negative.  There are, however,  very good reasons for job changes and hiring managers have to learn to look a little deeper before tossing the resume. Candidates must also be able to explain the moves and, frankly, think about the moves before making them.  The issue of whether the candidate will do it “to us” is still going to be there and job hopping every year or less will never be acceptable.   Still, there are positives to job hopping.

“Positives” for Job Hopping:

1.  Increasing your skill base.  Staying in one place and doing the same thing does not improve your skills.  You must progress in your job and learn new things.  If you are not learning and there isn’t a place to do so, it’s time to leave.  Being bored in your job is not good for you or your company.

2.  Moving out of an industry.  If you are working in an industry sector that is not growing or losing ground, it may be time to look for greener pastures.

3.  Increasing your salary.  The longer you stay in one position, the more likely that your salary will be lagging.  Without promotions, you may just be getting cost-of-living increases.  Switching jobs could put your salary back on track.

A candidate must be able to show a proven track record of an increased skill base and achievements to move beyond the job hopping bias.  Remember, switching jobs every year is job hopping.  Staying in a position for 2 to 3 years and having a valid reason for moving offers a different prospective on job hopping to a recruiter.