Interviewing Etiquette: 13 Tips To Lower Your Stress


marie-rapertoBy Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Interviewing etiquette can be stressful.  You don’t know what is to come and you want everyone to like you.  It can be a recipe for disaster.  What you have to remember is that everyone interviewing feels this way and hiring managers and recruiters take it into consideration.  But, as the interview approaches, the nerves come out.  What can you do to help this?  Well, there are a few tips to follow that can help you through the process.

  1. Job Interview Do your homework.  You may not know much about the job but research the company.  Is this the type of company you want to work for?
  2. Bring a working pen, clean paper and two copies of your resume.  The interviewer will probably have your resume, but you don’t know if you will be meeting with others.
  3. Dress appropriately.  Ladies, avoid oversized jewelry.  Wear natural makeup and a hairstyle that keeps your hair from falling in your face.
  4. Turn off your phone.  Lowering the volume or placing it on vibrate is not respectful to the interviewer.
  5. No gum.
  6. Be on time.
  7. Practice a firm hand shake and wait for the interviewer to initiate the shake.
  8. Listen, don’t speak.  You want to answer questions concisely.  You don’t want to be a chatterbox.
  9. Be careful of your body posture.  Bad posture could mean you are not interested or bored.
  10. Be nice to everyone and SMILE.
  11. If your interview is over a meal:  Do not drink.  Watch your table manners.  Remember to take small bites so you don’t have to speak with your mouth full.  Don’t order the most expensive item on the menu and, if you were invited to this meal, don’t offer to pay for it.
  12. On the same day, send a thank you note.  While email is fine, you can also send a handwritten note in the mail.
  13. Do not tweet/post/blog about your interview.

If you follow the basic tips, you will feel more confident and appear less nervous.

Happy interviewing!

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