Job Descriptions: 6 Things To Watch Out For



Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Job descriptions can give you great information.  They can also point out ‘red flags’ about a job. You should have a clear sense of the job responsibilities, the qualifications needed and the experience necessary. If you are given a job description, take the time to delve into it and look for these points:

  1. Conflicting Information. It could just be a badly written description or it can be covering up issues the company is facing. Are they looking for a person to do one job or multiple ones?
  2. Titles.  Sometimes you will see double titles. If a position has dual responsibilities, make sure they are compatible with your background.
  3. Environment. Watch out for too many buzzwords like ‘competitive,’ ‘high pressure,’ and ‘above industry commissions.’ If you want this type of environment, great. If you are looking for work-life balance in a new position, this may not be the right one for you.
  4. Vagueness. You should get a good idea of what the role involves and how your background would fit. There may be times when an employer will not have a description but will craft one to fit your experience/their needs. Just make sure you see it before you accept an offer.
  5. Career Path. While a job description will not necessarily show you the next steps for you career, watch the reporting structure and team exposure. Make sure to ask about promotion possibilities during your interview.
  6. Catch Phrases. Avoid positions that have a wide-range of earning potential possibilities, or that suggest you work for free. Scams are plentiful in the recruitment world.

Read, re-read and question your way!