It’s Time to Push for More Meaningful DE&I Progress in 2021


McKinsey argues it’s time for a new approach toward building racial equity, but what might that look like? Read on for fresh ideas to turn good intentions into genuine inclusion.



 Robby Brumberg

Fortune 1000 companies committed $66 billion to combat racial inequity in 2020.

Will it make any difference? Is 2021 the year we’ll finally see real, tangible progress in combating systemic racism?

A report from McKinsey offers a bit of hope that we are on the threshold of profound change. However, companies must do their part to follow through on the promises and pledges of 2020.

McKinsey’s data shows that 32% of the top 1,000 U.S. companies made a statement in support of racial justice in the wake of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests. Twenty-two percent made external commitments to promote racial equity, while 18% pledged to address internal DE&I issues.

Image via McKinsey

Top U.S. companies also responded with an outpouring of financial support—or at least pledges to help close the racial wealth gap in coming years.

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