It’s Almost 2018: 5 Tips To Get Your Resume Ready


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

It’s almost 2018 and it’s a good time to take a look at your resume.

It’s a living document that should be periodically updated to reflect what you have done and to position yourself for what you want to do.  Once it’s updated, you can reconnect with recruiters and contacts.

Here’s what to update:

  • Your current position.  Make sure your resume reflects what you have done over the past year.  Add any metrics/accomplishments or skills, new clients or products etc.
  • Your overall resume.  Is it too long or too wordy.  Review your early career jobs.  You may not need explanations or bullet points for these.  Just the company, title and dates might be enough.  Start taking out unnecessary words and any buzz words.  Your resume should be very concise and readable.
  • Add/Change keywords.  You may have taken on new responsibilities.  Double check your keywords to ensure they are current.
  • References.  While not listed on your resume, they are important to update.  Has anyone moved or transferred?  Is there anyone new you would want to add/delete.  A current list of references and their contact information is essential.
  • Your contact information.  If you’ve moved or changed anything, make sure to update your resume.  If your social media contacts are on the resume, make sure they are still current and working.  If you have an online portfolio, do you want to add the link?

A once-a-year tune up is necessary!

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