Is AI Right for Your Investing Portfolio?


Free Webinar: May 14th

Event Overview

Randy Tate spent his earlier years as a successful collegiate athlete and then a self-made entrepreneur.  He grew an athletic apparel company to over $5M+ in revenue, then sold it to a publicly traded sporting conglomerate called “Sports Chalet”. 

His natural leadership moved him to train thousands of employees and business owners on how to market, grow sales and build sustainable growth in their companies.

Over the last decade his passion for technology guided him to a fast-growing software company called Infusionsoft, which peaked with over 150,000 software users.  As the VP of Business Training, he developed and oversaw the expansion of the “Elite Business Education Program”.

His fascination for technology has now brought him to be the Co-founder and CEO of iFlip Investor an innovative AI technology company.  His passion is to empower all individuals to grow their wealth through education and AI investment software. 

  1. Debunking the Myths of Investing: Diversification is good, I don’t pay investment fees…etc.
  2. How institutional billionaires have been investing their money with AI….and how other are too now.
  3. How Algorithmic Intelligence (AI) has changed the game for retirement and investment accounts.