(2015 Top Webinar) Irreversible: The Effects of Big Data on Public Relations


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Commonly, public relations is a “relationship” business built on the basis of creativity, networking and the ability to communicate effectively through compelling content.  But since its foundation, research has played an important role in informing the public relations process. Now, through the emergence of new research methods and advanced technology coupled with the demands of our accelerated pace of business, a new form of public relations is emerging where statistics spark creativity; where data drives more fully integrated communications decision-making; and where technology enables more people to act more quickly and with greater intelligence. For global businesses as well as for public relations, the driving force is known collectively as Big Data. In this new landscape, communications practitioners must evolve along with their profession to understand and come to terms with the science beneath the art of public relations.

The web conference precedes a soon-to-be-released white paper published by the Institute for Public Relations.  In this free webinar, the authors introduce the concept of big data from a public relations and communications perspective, outline the sources of big data for the field, discuss challenges of using big data, and where it can be found both internally and externally. The real value lies in the actionable insights that can be gleaned from the data and the session also focuses on the insight-discovery process and big data applications in the public relations and communications continuum.



Mark Weiner 150x150Mark Weiner

PRIME Research Americas

Chief Executive Officer

Twitter: @WeinerMark


Mark Weiner is the Chief Executive Officer of PRIME Research Americas. PRIME is one of the world’s largest public relations and corporate communications research and consulting providers, employing more than 500 analysts and consultants in Western Europe, North and South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Since 1993, Mark has devoted his career to counseling many of the world’s most respected organizations and brands to demonstrate and generate a positive return on their investment in corporate and brand communications.

He is the author of “Unleashing the Power of PR: A Contrarian’s Guide to Marketing and Communication,”contributed chapters to three other texts as well as dozens of white-papers, features and articles. Mark has also guest-lectured at many of the world’s leading public relations conferences and professional development programs and is a regular contributor to leading communication and public relations professional media.

Mark is a member of The Institute for Public Relations, for which he served as a Trustee and the 2004 Chair of the Measurement Commission; The Public Relations Society of America; and AMEC. Mark was admitted into the PR Measurement Hall of Fame in 2013. 


SarebSarab Kochhar, Ph.D.

Institute for Public Relations

Director of Research

Twitter: @sarabkochhar


Sarab Kochhar, Ph.D., is the Director of Research with the Institute for Public Relations (IPR). At IPR, she is the chief research strategist, advising and leading the Institute on priorities and research programs. Sarab also holds the position as the

Associate director in APCO Worldwide’s Washington, D.C., office and serve as a strategic counsel for clients on measurement and evaluation for communication programs. Ms. Kochhar primarily works with clients across the globe to develop measurement techniques and provide insights to clients.

She has worked in both public and private sectors and has led project teams in the areas of technology, aerospace and many other sectors in her work with Burson-Marsteller in Bangalore, India. At BM, she was also a part of the team to drive new business opportunities. She has also worked with the Government of Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana where she managed the tourism function, including sports, medical, health, and cultural tourism. She has also worked with Ketchum Research and Analytics Group in New York.

Sarab received her Ph.D. in Public Relations from the University of Florida. She has authored book chapters and refereed conference papers, received the top paper award from PRSA Educators Academy, Chester Burger Award for Excellence in Public Relations from PRSA, and the Ketchum Public Relations Research Award presented by IPR. She also serves on the editorial board of PR Review.





  1. Monique Farmer on at 3:39 PM

    I am interested in trying to make sense of times when you have a slew of data and you are trying to pin down the “so what” and determine what the most important data is that you have in front of you and how to build that into your overall strategic plan for go forward on a project. I realize there could be a number of factors to keep in mind such as ends state desired, audience, etc. but just want a better framework for working threw how to handle having access to overwhelming amounts of data and making sense for how to best assess what’s importance to “actionize” and what isn’t.

  2. Olga on at 6:37 AM

    Dears, athnsk for this opportunity! I have done the regiatration.
    At what time will it run if I am based in Russia?



  3. Jean Saucier on at 1:32 PM

    I was not able to make the event, but would love to see any materials or follow up.


    • fays on at 1:37 PM

      Hi Jean,
      The on-demand webinar and presentation will be available later today at this post.


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