Investor Relations Already Beat Amazon to the Multi-Tweet IR Punch

A bit of buzz about Amazon’s 14-tweet news announcement last Wednesday. Marketing-wise, it was a clean and targeted campaign: the issuing of a press release of bullet points followed up by the retweeting of those points. The #1 rule of content marketing is maximizing your content across as many channels as appropriate.

Investor relations departments have been using this same strategy for earnings announcements for several quarters now. Below is a StockTwits page of FedEx’s most recent earnings tweets.


This example of using Twitter and StockTwits for shareholder communications is actually a much better use of the real-time value of the social media audience.The Amazon press release and subsequent tweets were (according to my timestamps) sent at 12:05 – 1:07 AM EST so it was not meant to be a real-time (workday) campaign. Earnings announcments are real-time, market moving events.

The FedEx example above is also an excellent study of using StockTwits and Twitter for investor relations; much in line with this whitepaper.

  • Don’t have dialogue: have “newsflow”
  • Don’t imply selective disclose by pick-and-choosing followers
  • Do use your $CASHTAG
  • Do use both StockTwits and Twitter

Again: The #1 rule of content marketing (and that is what shareholder communications is) is maximizing your content across as many channels as appropriate.

Have a great day.