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Invest In Yourself Today to Grow as a Woman Leader


Research by the Knowledge Academy reveals that companies are 18% more likely to send men on work-related training than women. Is it that organizations are offering more training to men? Or is it that women are not requesting outside training as often as men? 

It appears to be the latter, according to Linda Babcock, a professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon University, and the author of “Women Don’t Ask”. Women are socialized from an early age not to promote their own interests and to focus instead on the needs of others. Men, on the other hand, are taught that they can ask for more. 

Not only is this not good for women, but it is not good for organizations. Countless studies from McKinsey, Harvard and other respected research organizations have proven that gender diversity at all levels of management and leadership create the most profitable and effective organizations.  

GW CEPL offers programs for women at every level of their leadership journey to help address the early socialized habits, as well as the workplace and life challenges that often hold women back from pursuing increased responsibility, while supporting their growth and development.

Live online programs are known for their interactive discussions and networking among the participants, as well as its critical, career-changing content. 

#WRISE gives high-potential women leaders at the start of their careers the tools to enable management success, while addressing limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.

#EWLP is designed for experienced executives who have potential for greater leadership responsibilities. Topics covered include executive presence, negotiations, resilience, growth mindset and more! 

#GWLP provides game-changing leadership strategies that will transform your mindset and expand your sphere of influence as a woman leader. Program is designed for global executives.