Content Hub Optimized for Content Marketers: Contently Live


contently200A Commpro News Update

Content marketing tech company Contently launched Contently Live, a customizable content hub specifically for marketers. The site is designed to avoid the hassle of having to build a website or microsite, by driving business results itself – like lead generation, audience attention, and revenue.

“Simply publishing content isn’t enough these days—marketers need to be able to show results,” said Shane Snow, Contently’s co-founder and chief creative officer. “Everything we’ve learned from our own content marketing optimization is built into Contently Live, so users can focus their attention on telling their brand’s story. This turnkey content hub will turn great content into leads.”

In beta tests, marketers who made the switch reported a 45 percent increase in attention time, and  saw the conversion rate on e-books increase by an average of 34 percent. A half-dozen major brands are set to launch content hubs on Contently Live by year’s end.

“Other systems are fine for publishing content, but it’s a much more involved process for a marketer, especially if you want to track your lead funnel and optimize for conversions,” said Contently VP of Product Paul Fredrich. “Contently Live is built for the marketer who wants to have everything set up and optimized for lead generation.”

Contently Live was designed with several guiding metrics in mind: attention time, pageviews, social shares, SEO, email capture, lead generation, and conversions. It is integrated to work with the rest of Contently’s technology, allowing users to plan, create, publish, amplify, and analyze content on one platform.

Increases site traffic and visitor engagement through:

  • Access to Contently’s network of freelance content creators and workflow tools to increase the quality of content
  • Data-driven recommendations within the platform to create better-performing content
  • Custom tagging and infinite scroll for easy and flexible content organization, discovery, and SEO

Optimizes lead generation and capture through:

  • Custom call-to-action pop-ups and slide-ups that integrate with marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing platforms
  • Built-in Document Analytics for embedding and optimizing lead forms in downloadable content like white papers and e-books
  • Smart ad units that recommend relevant content to visitors
  • Analytics that track lead captures and conversions back to the content that works

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