Interviewing Mistakes: Small Ones With Big Consequences


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Interviewing is a hard process and first impressions can win or lose you a job. No matter how many times I counsel my candidates, they still make the same mistakes. Now, Anne Corley Baum has given us the bible of interviewing mistakes with her new book, “Small Mistakes, BIG Consequences for Interviews.”

Her book not only identifies the problem, she offers solutions for both the interviewer and candidate.

While written in an easy-to-read, witty style, the author accurately captures the issues that many candidates cannot see in themselves.

Ms. Corley-Baum covers such mistakes as:  The Late Arriver, The Overconfident Overachiever, The Messy Dresser, The Dining Dunce, The Interrupter, The Downlooker, and the Nervous Nellie just to name a few.

She is on-target identifying the problems, offers practical advice on how to avoid them and gives the interviewer insight into what might be going on and when to move on to another candidate.

This book is a must for anyone interviewing as well as those doing the interviews. It’s basic advice but it’s so needed. As someone who interviews and sends candidates out on interviews, I can truly say this book will be a great help.  Thank you, Anne!

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