Interviewing 2016: 5 Trends

Interview TipsEverything changes over time.  This is true regarding resumes and interviewing.  While the basics might stay the same, outside influences can mandate change.  Time constraints, a mobile workforce, new legislation and the cost of hiring are forcing changes to the traditional interview.  Here’s what to look for:

1.  Interviewing via Skype.  You don’t have to fly a candidate or any remote employee in  for a Skype interview.  This type of interview will also show your presentation skills and your ability to interface.

2.  Panel interviews:  While group interviews have always been used, today they can be over a meal or in an informal setting.  This tactic will show your ability to build chemistry and see if you fit the company’s culture.

3.  Screen sharing presentations:  You can be asked to create a presentation or to show a sample of your work over Google Chat or another site.  Again, this will show your presentation skills and messaging/analytical skills.

4.  Salary, benefits and perks will matter more.  Candidates must be willing to share what salary they want or to give a range.  Hiring is expensive and many employers have spent too much time only to find salary expectations out of line.  Benefits and perks will also play a more important role in recruiting as more candidates are looking for  lifestyle changes in their professional lives.

5.  Transparency is important.  Employers that speak about what is important to them, what is working and what isn’t, will attract the best candidates.  Transparency allows the candidate to feel better about expectations and to see if they will fit in.

Interviewing in 2016 — A brave new world!