Interview Stress: 6 Steps To Minimize Your Anxiety


Identifying Stressed Workers


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Interview stress is very normal and it can actually help you.  However, being over stressed will definitely cause you difficulties.  You want to be in control and manage your stress.  Here are some steps to get your anxiety in check:

  1.  Prepare for the interview.  Never underestimate this step.  Review your skills against the job skills required. Practice sharing examples of how you applied these skills and any positive results you’ve had. Review the company web site and any current news about the company or their products. Have questions prepared in advance about the company as well as the job.
  2. Prepare yourself. Make sure your get enough sleep the night before and, if possible, exercise some of your stress away. Avoid alcohol and caffeine and eat lightly before any interview.
  3. Interview. Have your friends do mock interviews with you. If you haven’t interviewed in a while, you want to become comfortable with the process.
  4. It’s only a job.  While you may need or want this job, remember, there will be others. Don’t add to your stress level by putting all your hopes/desires into one interview.
  5. Pay attention to yourself.  If you find yourself fidgeting, stretch your feet or change positions.  Rambling?  Go back to the main point and restress it, stop and ask if you can give the interviewer more information.
  6. Be positive, not negative.  If you feel you made a mistake, don’t focus on it. Everyone makes at least one mistake in an interview. Feel you won’t get the job? Then focus on completing the interview as a practice session. For every down side, there is an upside. Focusing on the upside will decrease your stress level.

Interview stress can help you focus. Keep your stress level to a minimum and you will ace the interview.