Job Interview Prep: 10 Questions To Ask


job-interviewBeing prepared for a job interview is essential.  Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to find out everything about a company or a particular job ahead of time.  Before you go for any interview, think about what is important to you.  What worked and didn’t work at your present and past positions.   What do you need to know to make sure this is the right opportunity?  When interviewing, it’s very hard to judge the corporate environment.  If that’s important to you, think about ways to question your interviewer.   Creating an initial list of questions to ask will help you greatly.  Here are some examples:

1.  Why did my predecessor leave?

2.  How do you measure success?  Against pre-set goals?

3.  What are the biggest challenges one will face in this role?

4.  Of all the responsibilities for this position, which are the most important?

5.  What is your background?  What attracted you to your position?

6.  What is the career advancement path for this position?

7.  What are the goals of the company and the department?

8.  Can you tell me about what it takes to succeed in this company?

9.  What problems will I face in this role?  What needs to be addressed first?

10.  Where does this department excel?  Where are they failing?