Interview Advice: 7 Items To Ignore



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Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Interview advice, everyone has it.  It’s all over the internet.  But is it accurate?  Times change and what was good advice yesterday is no longer relevant.  According to PayScale, these seven items should be ignored:

  1.  Don’t wear color.  While black is the safest choice for an interview, there isn’t any reason you can’t wear white, blue or any color you want.  The color you wear depends on the type of job, your personality and the interviewer.  And the interviewer could hate black!
  2.  You must wear high heels.  You must fit with the company culture and, if they are casual, heels will look strange.
  3.  Always have a resume objective statement.  This is extremely outdated.  You are much better off with a career overview or nothing at all.
  4.  Hide your weaknesses.  You want to make the right choice so talk about what you liked and didn’t like at past jobs, what worked for you and what didn’t.  An honest interview is the best one.
  5. You have to dress formally.  You want to dress to impress but you also want to fit the culture.  While sneakers and jeans for an interview in a casual environment is not recommended, you don’t need the suit and power tie either.
  6.  Have a photo on your resume.  While this is common on European CV’s, you should not do it here.  Only actors and models should have photos.
  7.  You must share your salary history.  In many states, this is now illegal.  Check your state/local laws to make sure.

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