In Celebration of International Women’s Day: The Modern Femme™ Movement


Editor’s Note:  CommPRO reached out to our community to share their thoughts in celebration of International Women’s Day.  This article is submitted by Katy Blevins & Somer Chambley, co-founders of The Modern Femme™ Movement.

Katy Blevins & Somer Chambley Co-Founders, The Modern Femme™ Movement

Katy Blevins & Somer Chambley
The Modern Femme™ Movement

Women today face overwhelming societal pressure to be “everything to everyone.” Left physically exhausted, mentally depleted and often feeling personally and professionally inadequate, it comes as no surprise that today’s definition of success falls woefully short for professional women both in the office and at home.

International Women’s Day gives us a global opportunity to champion a new definition of success for working women from all walks of life. Acknowledging the unique value in employing women that are refreshed and motivated, leading fulfilled and meaningful lives both inside and outside of the office; we have an opportunity to celebrate a well-rounded, new definition of success that gives women the right to create a life that opens the door to profound professional achievement and also respects and values the importance of family.

As women, we are powerfully capable of collectively demanding better for ourselves and our families. Moving away from those conversations that divide and isolate us in our professional and personal environments, we can come together to open a dialogue that encourages us all to be our very best selves by accepting that success looks different for everyone; acknowledging that a life that doesn’t exist outside of a thriving career is not an accurate measure of success.

Today’s working woman is profoundly creative, talented, ambitious and grounded in a deep desire to achieve great heights in both their careers and in their home lives. We are not a society of “either/or.” It is time for us to be a society of “and,” acknowledging that true success gives all women the chance to explore professional pursuits and also make time for self-care, balance and personal enrichment outside of the office.

This is our time. As mothers, sisters, friends, selves. International Women’s Day is a celebration of how far we have come and how much farther we plan to go. Together, we can achieve more and set the standard for success on a global scale. Together, we can create a better example for those who matter most in our lives. Together, we can make sure every day of our very short lives is lived to the fullest; conquering our dreams, achieving great heights and being present in those powerful memories and moments that mark the lives of those who have loved and are loved.

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