In A Car with IPR | Episode Six Featuring Catherine Hernandez-Blades


In A Car with IPR is a new video series by the Institute for Public Relations where we get to know some of the leaders in the public relations industry. We find out what makes them tick, talk to them about research, and ask them to look into their crystal ball to see what’s in store for the industry.

In this episode, we hop on a streetcar in “The Big Easy” (aka New Orleans) and discuss the latest in PR research with Catherine Blades, SVP and Chief ESG and Communications Officer at Aflac. Catherine gives us her take on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), the future of PR measurement, and the importance of CSR. In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, we also meet up with a special guest who introduces us to the My Special Aflac Duck! Named one of Time’s best inventions of 2018, Catherine shares how Aflac developed this heartwarming technology for children with cancer in mind. So please, join us on a tour of the French Quarter, find out what the future holds for the PR industry, and all that jazz!


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