Imperium Group Introduces David Schloss and His New Marketing Tactics That Utilize Human Behavior


Shazir Mucklai, Imperium Group

As time progresses society is seeing different ways to do just about everything. A largely affected industry is marketing. There are so many traditional marketing tactics that simply do not work as well and instead of a clever billboard social media is being utilized. David Schloss is the founder of Covert ROI, a well-established advertising agency. David does not follow the many outdated marketing tactics that have not been adapted to modern technology, he utilizes each and every tool to maximize impressions and audience reach. Coming from being in his mid-twenties with no money in his bank account, David has now had 10 years in this field. Instead of seeing his clients as just a customer like many other agencies, David wants his clients to succeed and create their six or seven-figure income. Services can include setting up Facebook or Instagram ads or completely reconstructing a company’s marketing tactics.

After combing through a company’s current marketing tactics, David implements new marketing tactics that utilize human behavior to create an attraction to the company or product. One could choose to allow the agency to set them up with different Facebook and Instagram ads or even hire complete social media management teams. David offers lots of other useful services like training or keynote speaking and even case studies that work to get to the core of what is keeping a company from succeeding. David has made it his mission to provide the best services possible in order to maximize his client’s profits. His website, , showcases his many success stories. Satisfied clients range from small business owners to high profile CEOS and best selling authors. His website also showcases the many established companies like The Huffington Post, Forbes or Entrepreneur who have written about his very inspiring story.

Technology has progressed so quickly and changed marketing forever. Instead of looking into the sky for fun and quirky billboards we are looking at our screens and David has found the best way to utilize all this new technology. His blog is full of helpful tips and tricks as well as detailed discussions that would help anybody with their marketing tactics. These articles come with helpful recommendations on how much to spend on marketing depending on the season and gives you statistics that reinforce the recommendations. Everything about the website is impressive and if the free blogs are not enough for you there are plenty of different paid services for everyone. The different articles about David provide insight on how he was able to create such a large business and even tell his inspirational story of going from flat broke to creating his successful agency. David Schloss is very persistent and reflects it through his work and all the amazing services that set his company apart. By dissecting his clients companies and using all the different human psychological ploys as well as the tools that are on all the different forms of social media and his genuine dedication to helping companies succeed, he has created a true marketing experience.