HPRMS Presents “Introducing the New York Genome Center” (Live Event: May 19 in NYC)



Join us for breakfast on Thursday, May 19, with the New York Genome Center. 

This session will feature overview presentations on:

  • The New York Genome Center: NYGC implements advanced genomic research and integrates findings with world-class technologies and the best physician-scientists to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. NYGC harnesses the diversity of New York’s institutions and people to drive scientific discoveries that will vastly improve clinical care, ethically, equitably, and urgently. NYGC advocates and educates, sharing findings with the global scientific, medical, and thought leadership communities to broaden the reach of the New York Genome Center to help patients in every corner of the world. NYGC creates synergies through collaboration, reaching and connecting resources to continually innovate and advance its vision.
  • Land: Recently launched, DNA.Land is a nonprofit website that was developed to harness existing data for the benefit of genetic studies. Other successful crowdsourcing sites exist, but do not make privacy a priority. DNA.Land users must consent to sharing their data, a process that takes a matter of minutes. To encourage users to join, DNA.Land currently imputes genotype data and provides ancestry information and relative matches. Rather than research subjects, DNA.Land users are active participants and can learn more about their genomes while contributing to scientific research.

Presented by NYGC’s Kathleen Kearns, VP Communications and Development, and NYGC’s Dina Zielinski, Associate Scientist III.

New York Genome Center

101 Avenue of the Americas

(between Watts Street and Grand Street)

New York, NY 10013

To register please use the links below:



Continental breakfast will be served.

To reserve a space and pay by check, please email Yajaira Estevez.

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