How Working Mothers Can Benefit in the Long Run


Samantha Lewis, Life Coach

It was only a few short years ago that being a working mom was an unusual thing. Working was something that a lot mothers called a sacrifice they did so that they could put food on the table and contribute to the family financially. Many mothers thought it was wrong or bad for them to be away from their children, yet today women are discovering more and more that to be a mom and be working can benefit themselves and their family in a much larger way. 

Motherhood has for some reason been built upon comparison. Comparing oneself to their mother, other mothers, their sisters, et cetera. How much does that diminish the uniqueness of every mother and child on the planet? Working moms feel guilty for not being at home, stay at home moms feel guilty for wanting something to do outside of the house. Who is to win with all the comparison going on? Hint: nobody!! 

The thing is, if you are a working mom, there is some drive behind working that is keeping you going and that’s one of the greatest gifts you can be to yourself and your children. When you are able to show up for you, and in turn show up for your children, that is where the gift of being a working mom really is. 

If you’re feeling wobbly or unbalanced with the working mother lifestyle. Here are some tips for you to begin to enjoy and embrace the benefits of being a working mother right now. 

  1. Discover what works for you. The working mother balance is so specific to each mother and her family. Do not look outside to perfect someone else’s balance. You have to look at what works for you. This is an ongoing discovery especially as your kids grow, change sports, etc. Some weeks you may find you are happy to be social and driving your kids around, and other weeks you may find you just want to hunker down at home after a long day. Let it be so. Do what works for you. You will be happier for it. 
  1. Let your experience be trial and error. Let yourself try new things in your week to week. Whether that is adding something for you to do with your friends, shifting how you do things at work or ordering in instead of cooking. Let it be a continual experiment.  You don’t have to get it right. 
  1. Encourage independence in your children and yourself. So often mothers get the idea that they are ‘good’ if they are providing everything for our children. What if the opposite were true? Encourage your children to enjoy independence, allow them to learn how to rely on themselves so that you can be present with what you need and include the fun things as well, instead of getting all caught up in the nitty gritty of what needs to be taken care of.   
  1. Ask for support, build your network. Working moms do not have to do it all. Build a strong community of people who adore you and your children that can help you out when things get crazy.   
  1. Celebrate YOU! Remember to acknowledge and celebrate you all throughout this journey. Be sure to take note in a journal, or share with a friend all the things you are doing and creating as a mother. And then go do something to celebrate you regularly. One of the greatest gifts in life is to celebrate what you have accomplished. When you do that, the more difficult days become easier and the benefits of all that you are doing are easier to be seen.

Use the tools above daily to allow yourself to benefit from all the gifts that come with being a working mother. Know that no matter what you are doing, you are doing the best you can with the tools you have and you now have five more fabulous tools to add to your toolbox to allow you to be even more successful as a working mother.

How Working Mothers Can Benefit in the Long RunAbout the Author: Samantha Lewis is a life coach, corporate wellness practitioner and certified facilitator of several special programs by Access Consciousness®, including Being You Adventures. Throughout her corporate career in sales and marketing, she retained an avid interest in mental, physical and spiritual wellness and is trained in Shiatsu and Indian Head Massage, acupressure and aromatherapy. Samantha now draws upon her wide range of skills and her personal moments of both joy and sadness to facilitate empowering workshops for groups and individuals. Follow Samantha.

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