How to Write a Bio That Stands Out


How to write a bio that stands out



Here’s why having a good bio is critical in today’s business environment.

Melanie Parncutt, Publicist, Otter PR 

Once upon a time, it was enough to have an e-mail address. Then, you needed a social media handle. Now that most of us have gone multi-platform, our profiles are silently screaming to be noticed amidst all of the other thought leaders, artists, influencers, and career professionals out there. Creating a bio for billions to see can seem overwhelming, but a well-crafted, strong bio can tell an amazing story for everyone who reads it.

Thankfully, there are many more ways to embolden and bedazzle your personal bio now than even a few years ago, when most of us were reduced to little more than a name and title on a business card. Today, your bio is seen as a reflection of not only your professional status, but of your personality, your taste, your credibility and your goals. In many ways, your bio is the story of your personal brand. 

Even if you may not believe that others will notice it, be assured that they will. Here’s why having a good bio is critical in today’s business environment.

A good bio establishes your credibility and further certifies your expertise

You may be an artist or professional who is not yet a household name, but you’ve attracted fans and are on your way to a five-figure fan base — maybe even that coveted, blue “verified” checkmark. But being well-known is one thing; being considered as a thought leader in your niche is another thing entirely. 

Crafting a succinct, well-written, and relevant bio for your website and social media accounts will do more to establish both your credibility and expertise than almost any other action you could take. When you byline a guest piece, for example, many readers will skip to the bio before committing to read what you have to say. If what they read is vague, poorly written, or overly effusive, an opportunity to build brand equity has been lost.

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